We specialize in dirty female feet - especially soles!

Behind the scenes with Princess Donna Dolore

Get a glimpse of what happens on a Foot Factory shoot. These shoots are a FULL day with makeup artists, stylists, assistant(s) and foot catering. We take a quick lunch and then right back to work. By the end of the day the models just want to get the hell out of there so, ‘NO’ the model doesn’t have sex with any of us – especially the photographer/videographer for working the models so hard. Then after the photo shoot is done (the fun part) it’s time to put long hours into the final product to share with those loyal paying fans and prospective Foot Factory members. It’s unfortunate there are a bunch of assholes stealing material and sharing it with others so they can get: karma points, “likes”, pats on the back, or even trying to make money off of the material we all worked so hard to create. All that does is kill this quickly dying porn business – They will ruin it for everyone else. So, if you see people sharing the entire library of Foot Factory videos or complete photo sets, please let us know – THAT is good karma. Of course you can feel free to share whatever you see on these tour pages as much as you want. We actually encourage it!


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